Yours.Vineyard by subscription

Your relationship with wine

What is your relationship with wine?


 If you buy wine in supermarkets, you can assume that you barely know each other.

 If you go to specialty stores, you are friends.

 If you visit places where wine was born, you are probably good friends.

 And if you are the owner of your own vines, then there is definitely a romance between you.

 Perhaps now you are dreaming of love breaking out between you.

 But you understand that love destroys all barriers ...


 And your first step to the object of adoration is a subscription vineyard.



We decided to create a new project

 Vineyard by subscription


It is worth subscribing - and you get six vines in a vineyard in Bordeaux for your own "ownership" for a year.  They will be marked with your name or your company name.

You will receive GPS coordinates to monitor "your" vines, and a year later we will send you six personalized bottles of wine produced at our winery.

At any time during this year, you can come to France in person to see how "your" vines grow, how they are cared for and how wine is made from already ripe grapes.

Of course, with a tasting!

You can watch the vineyard in the application, where our team will upload photos and videos of all processes.