Cognac Croizet Millesime 1974

Croizet Millesime 1974 welcomes you with a brilliant golden

amber colour, with initial notes of freshly mown hay, followed by

hints of freshly buttered bread and pastries. This refined cognac

reveals velvety undertones of peppermint, orange peel, candied

melon and pineapple.


Sipping it is like looking at a masterful marble sculpture by the

renowned Italian artist Antonio Canova, capturing the sensual

embrace of Cupid and Psyche. Croizet Millesime 1974 is a refined

cognac that embodies luxury, indulgence and sheer pleasure.

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Cognac Croizet Millesime 1985

From the first sip, the "aristocratic" flavour of the golden Croizet

Millesime 1985 will captivate you. Like a treasure chest full of

secrets, this complex cognac will enchant you with its many

aromas. Its floral notes of jasmine and violet will transport you to

the ancient Greek myth of Danae, who was seduced by Zeus, who

secretly appeared to her as a golden rain.


The delicious flavour of the iconic French Madeleine biscuit, with

a hint of fleur d'orange, gives way to a refined touch of masterfully

crafted leather, evoking the hidden secret of an ancient artisan.

The subtle, sensual nuances of this truly elegant cognac are

impossible to miss — an authentic sensory awakening.

1.000,00 €

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